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Tips when buying a Used car

If you’re reading this then you’re either buying a car, thinking of buying a car, a really forward future planner or just way too bored in life. Let’s assume you’re either thinking or planning of buying a car in the next few months. First of all, you need to decide whether or not you need […]

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Is driving a car better than public transport?

If you’re one of those people who stay more than a standard ‘walk able distance’ away from your place of work, education or any place where you need to be every day, you have been through this debate. But every time this debate happens, we hear biased opinions of people who either love or hate […]

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Best Guide to Selling Your Unwanted Car in Newcastle

Most car owners are aware of the procedure when selling a car privately but how about selling it to a car wrecker or used car dealer such as Origin cash for cars. With some research on how to “Sell your car for cash” can make the process easier and hassle free for you. It is […]

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Where is the best car removal service in Newcastle

If your looking to find Newcastle’s best scrap car removal service provider then your at the right place. We will cover which company you can choose to get exceptional service that will take away the hassle of removing a scrap car. Although there are a lot of scrap yards but finding one that provides, hassle […]

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Right Time To Sell Your Scrap Car in Newcastle

Not all unwanted car owners know when is the right time to get rid of your car in Newcastle and save money rather then spending on a car that is no more worth. Often the main reason car owners would want to get rid of their unwanted vehicle is that its very old, damaged or […]

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Where To Scrap Car For Cash 5 Places Near You

Anyone with an old scrap car is looking to find someone who would take away their car and potentially get some cash in return. You might ask yourself is it the right time to scrap my car? Would I get any cash for it? Would a car removal company take it away? Well, the good […]

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4 Essential Determinants to Score the Best Car

Are you planning to buy a new car? In that case, it is important that you know if you are spending right. The best cars list has to meet the standards set up by an authentic and responsible authority, well-read in cars and their mechanism. Origin Cash for Cars brings you the parameters that make […]

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What are the Risks of Selling Your Car Privately?

You can sell your car to whoever you want, but at the same time, you should be aware of the risk factors that may arise while selling your vehicle privately. Before you make the decision of selling your car to any individual, you will have to impress the buyers by fixing the faults, scratches and […]

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    What Our Customer Says

    Cash the same day I called for an offer. A courteous and free car removal. All paperwork is provided. You guys are champs!

    Lawrence J

    I didn’t expect to get a fair cash offer on my near mint condition vehicle. You gave me that cash offer without hesitation. Thank you so much for taking the hassles and concerns out of selling my car.

    Mike T

    The days of selling my car to a third party are long gone. Thanks, Origin Cash for Cars for the quick and easy car removal and putting a fair amount of cash in my hand for my otherwise useless scrap car. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Sarah J

    Great service, and an offer that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Newcastle.

    Tim G