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5 Reasons Why Should I Scrap My Car?

Everyone wants a car! And why not? Little devices that work are under our control and take us everywhere we want to go! It’s almost liked a flying carpet, except it doesn’t fly, and it has doors and seats and about 30,000 parts on an average.

All of this aside, the only thing a demand for too many cars results in, is too many cars. With an average lifespan of a new vehicle could be about 8 years or 150,000 miles. Surprised? What is surprising is that if maintained well, this could go up to 15 years or 300,000 miles!


The question we really want to ask you is “What happens to your car after it hits the 9th year?” What do you do after it has reached its state of optimum utilization? What happens after you know that you can’t drive your beloved vehicle anymore?

What we do: Try to sell it to the next thing that can pay us a desirable price

What we should do: Understand that a damaged car is supposed to be off the roads otherwise it might be a cause of an accident.


The only ethical answer to the previous question of “What should I do with my car?” is “Scrap it.”

Scrapping your car is essentially wrecking it in order to get the best out of its parts and the metal used in its making. A lot of scrap car dealers in Newcastle offer good deals to people who want to sell their old cars or their unwanted cars.


Let’s look at a few benefits that you could derive from scrapping your car-


  1. You Get Paid!
    That’s why it’s called ‘selling’ your car to a scrap car dealer. You get paid for it! Yep. For just giving your old, useless, unwanted car away to a scrap car dealer. You might not value it, but they do. This is the reason you should get in touch with a local car buying company in Newcastle and get a quote for your car. Once they give you a quote, you will get a better idea of how much your car is worth and you can then decide to sell it or not! Your car might not get a buyer when it comes to private buying and might not even get the price it should be getting.


  1. Take it or Leave it
    Once you get in touch with a scrap car dealer, you will get a quote, i.e., the amount of cash they are willing to pay you if you sell your car to them. This is the value that you can derive from your car, but you have the freedom to accept it or deny it. Take it or leave it! Your choice. It’s important that you agree with the price being offered to you so that it’s a hassle-free process for you and the car buyer.

  2. You Don’t Need to do ANYTHING
    A few scrap car companies in Newcastle will offer to pick your car up from your address. All you need to do is contact them, give them some information that is required for the pick-up, such as your name, address, phone number, vehicle type, and Voila! They’ll be there within 1-2 hours! You just need to give them your keys and they will take care of the rest. It’s simple and convenient. You don’t need to skip work, you don’t need to skip the gym, you just need to make a call!

  3. Free Stuff
    If you choose the correct car buyer in Newcastle to sell your car, you might end up scoring a few free services. For instance, Origin Cash for Cars is an old scrap car buyer in Newcastle and offers free pick-up of the customer’s vehicle. They also have a provision for getting your car sales paperwork done for free. What these companies are trying to do, is build a customer-centric system which gives maximum comfort to the customer, to ensure a hassle-free process for the customer as well as themselves.

  4. Doing Something Good
    (This could be that one point that will convince you to sell your scrap car for cash)

“Do good and good things will follow.”. You don’t have to give all your money to charity but taking a few decisions in life that would contribute to a more sustainable society would be a start. Selling your scrap car for cash makes you a part of the community that is responsible and wants to give back to the society. These cars are recycled, and their metal is used further, to be used for various purposes. There is a Reuse, Reduce, recycle strategy that is being used here. You reuse the parts for different purposes, reduce the garbage in the landfills along with the air pollution caused by a faulty engine on the road. Finally, you recycle the entire car and use the metal. It’s a great way to be responsible towards society and earning money at the same time!


Do you want to scrap your car for instant cash NOW? Call Origin Cash for Cars in Newcastle on {insert number} today to get your free quote.


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