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Why is Newcastle Switching to Electric Vehicles?

We’re all switching to things that are electric, aren’t we? We’ve gone from the regular barbecue grills with coal to the ones that are electric. They save so much time, they’re way more convenient and definitely easy to use. Technology is making its way into our lives, in small ways. But as we do know, a lot of people might not be keen on switching to better technology, simply for the lack of enthusiasm. A lot of people also tend to gradually switch, instead of switching immediately, only after they’ve understood the effectiveness of the situation. This is the reason we still have people driving manual cars! We’ve had a lot of customers telling us that they drive the manual as it’s more fuel efficient, but is it fuel-efficient enough for you to put in that much effort in driving a vehicle which clearly has a better alternative?


Newcastle is switching to electric vehicles, but why?


We’ve heard a lot about them, we have definitely had enough opinions about them. Most Aussies prefer driving an EV as they mentioned, ‘due to reasons concerning the environment’. But is that it? Are we making that big switch for the sake of the environment? Because there are a couple of people out there who seek personal gratification before the world’s. What about them? Well, we came up with a few reasons for them as well!

Let’s check them out:


  1. Better Fuel-Efficiency

    Yep. It’s more efficient for you because it is way cheaper in the long term. With political parties allowing subsidies for electric vehicles in Australia now, you have to pay even lesser for your vehicle. There are multiple cars that are available for a lower price than you would think and are all battery-powered/electric.

  2. Better for the Environment

    You’re not using up a natural resource that, you’re definitely reducing your carbon footprint, and you will have a car that doesn’t exhale toxic fumes. You’re definitely doing better, eco-friendly-product wise.

  3. Better for You

    It’s going to cost less, and it’s going to be a lesser effort for you. You need to charge it, but if you buy an electric vehicle that is battery operated, you might need to do that less often! No long ques for fuel, no scares when you enter the car and there’s no gas. It’s a little stress-less and more convenient.


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