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Which Engine is Better to Choose For a Car

As a rule, before buying a new or used vehicle, the future owner wonders with which engine it is better to choose a car. In this case, the potential owner must necessarily consider the individual characteristics of one or another.

At the same time, power plants differ in displacement, power, number of cylinders, layout, etc. Also, sometimes rotary engines, etc. are found. It is obvious that with such a variety you need to know how to choose a car engine, and also which engine is better to choose for a car.

Diesel or gasoline engine: which engine will be better

Internal combustion engines, which can be found under the hoods of various cars, are gasoline and diesel. Gasoline engine uses gasoline as fuel. In order to ignite the fuel in the cylinders, units of this type have an ignition system , the result of which is an electric spark on the spark plugs.

Each of these internal combustion engines has both its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a gasoline unit is more common, cheaper and easier to maintain. However, such engines have a shorter lifetime, consume more gasoline, and the ignition system may fail.

Diesel engines appeared on passenger cars relatively recently, while they are characterized by high efficiency and consume a small amount of fuel. At the same time, the weak point of such ICEs is the sensitive fuel system, the performance of which greatly depends on the quality of diesel fuel. It should also be borne in mind that a diesel engine is more expensive to repair and maintain than gasoline counterparts.

Gasoline engine: carburetor or injection

So, if choosing a car engine comes down to buying a gasoline car, then go ahead. The vast majority of engines in the CIS are gasoline. In parallel with this, on domestic roads you can find both a large number of cars with an injection engine and a carburettor engine.

All processes of fuel supply and control of the internal combustion engine are fully automated. As a result, the injection engine is economical, powerful, able to work stably in different conditions.

  • As for the carburetor, today it is a very outdated mechanical device. At the same time, mechanics are not able to flexibly and dynamically “adapt” to changing conditions during operation. An engine with such a system consumes more fuel, behaves less stably in heat, cold, etc.

Atmospheric engine or turbo engine

To begin with, the naturally aspirated engine “draws” air into the cylinders in a natural way (due to the vacuum created by the movement of the pistons). Turbocharging is a solution that allows forcing air into the engine cylinders under pressure.

Just note that almost all modern diesel engines are turbocharged since it is the presence of a turbocharger on a diesel engine that allows you to achieve the necessary power, efficiency and a number of other important characteristics from engines of this type. In other words, it’s quite difficult to find a simple atmospheric diesel in a passenger car today.

As for fuel consumption, on turbo engines in a quiet driving mode, it can be lower than that of atmospheric analogues in the same conditions. However, in practice, significant savings are not obtained, since a turbocharged engine usually places the driver in an active drive.

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