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Cash For Flood Damaged Cars

If you’re wondering if there’s any way you can get cash for your flood damaged car, we are here to tell you – Origin Cash For Cars offer top cash of up to $8999 for your car.

Floods are a prevalent calamity in Newcastle and surrounding regions and apart from the toll it takes on our infrastructure, it also affects our beloved cars and other automobiles.

As experts in the field, we know that flooding can be fatal to vehicles. The water damages combustion systems, spoils lubrication in transmissions and even affects electrical components. Flood damaged cars are often beyond repair and even then, the repairs needed will be an expensive burden to bear.

Trying to sell off these cars to a private buyer without notifying will invite the ire of law enforcement. Government authorities have further issued several warnings to enlighten buyers against buying flood damaged vehicles.

However, we are happy to take flood damaged cars off your hands and pay a handsome amount in return.

sell my flood damaged car

Origin Cash For Cars Pays Cash For Your Flood Damaged Cars

While you might hear that your car isn’t worth anything once it is damaged, we however don’t believe that is true. As the premier cash for cars service in Newcastle we accept flood damaged cars for cash. The scrap metal in the flood damaged cars is valuable to us.

We buy any type of vehicle in any condition, even ones that are written off by your insurer. We will pay top dollar for the same. Despite water damage to the internal components and the physical damage on the outer body we still offer cash for flood damaged cars. The highest quote of up to $8999 you will receive is reflective of the best in the market prices.

The make and model is not a matter of concern for us

We pay cash for flood damaged cars of brands including: 

  • Ford 4WD
  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Holden

and more. We do encourage you to provide accurate details of the make, model and condition, so you can receive the best offer on cash for your flood damaged cars.

We also offer cash for other flood damaged vehicles including:

  • Utes
  • SUVs
  • 4x4s
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles

and more. Simply give us a call at 0426 707 283

Avail FREE Removals and Cash for Flood Damaged Cars

When it comes to flood damaged cars, the longer they stay in your property, the more depreciation they accrue and can turn into an ugly sight in your yard or driveway. Getting them removed can be quite the headache. Luckily for you, along with cash for flood damaged cars, we also offer completely FREE car removals.

As your leading local cash for cars and car removal service, Origin Cash For Cars will seamlessly remove the flood damaged car from your commercial or residential property. The team of experts will reach you anywhere in Newcastle once you have placed the call. Once you have accepted the quote, the car will be collected on the same day and cash will be offered for the flood damaged car on the spot.

Trust Licensed Auto Buyers and Wreckers

Once Origin Cash For Cars has picked up your flood damaged car, you might be concerned if your car is being disposed of in an ethical, environmentally conscious way. Well you don’t have to worry as you are in good hands. We are highly knowledgeable in not just cash for flood damaged vehicles but responsible disposable methods.

Origin Cash For Cars is a licensed and insured company of vehicle buyers and wreckers with years of industry experience. This relevant expertise enables us to recycle your flood damaged vehicle, part by part, in an eco-friendly manner. The remnant scrap is transported to our wrecking yard for careful dismantling.

Flood damaged cars often encounter heavy rust and damaged internal components. These are reconditioned and sold to scrap metal buyers. The entire process is completely safe and the cash for flood damaged cars offered is inclusive of this recycled value.

Why Origin Cash for Cars Newcastle

When it comes to dealing with your car, especially one that has been flood damaged, it is common to face problems when trying to get rid of it. As the experts in cash for cars and car removal services we want to help you with this cause.

We not only offer cash amounts of up to $8999 on the spot. We are quick and efficient with our car removals and are happy to provide you with any other assistance you may require with your car. Our hassle-free services have a large and 100% satisfied customer base and we are committed to keeping it that way.

Contact Us Today

Give us a call today and we’ll make you a deal for the best in cash for flood damaged cars.  Further avail of our same day car removals and on spot cash payments. Make the choice of selling your car to the #1 car removal company in Newcastle and receive top cash for your flood damaged car.

Call us at 0426 707 283 to know more.

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    our happy customers have this to say about us

    Cash the same day I called for an offer. A courteous and free car removal. All paperwork is provided. You guys are champs!

    Lawrence J

    I didn’t expect to get a fair cash offer on my near mint condition vehicle. You gave me that cash offer without hesitation. Thank you so much for taking the hassles and concerns out of selling my car.

    Mike T

    The days of selling my car to a third party are long gone. Thanks, Origin Cash for Cars for the quick and easy car removal and putting a fair amount of cash in my hand for my otherwise useless scrap car. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Sarah J

    Great service, and an offer that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Newcastle.

    Tim G