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Car Disposal

Disposing of Your Old Car For Cash is Easy To Do in Newcastle

Origin Cash for Cars can help you with your car disposal needs anywhere in Newcastle. In fact, we will do this for any vehicle

Let’s say that your was damaged in a wreck and it turned out that the repair costs would clearly be worth more than the value of the car. We will come to you to take in your car and give you an appropriate cash value for it.

You can even contact us if you have an older car that no longer runs and has just been collecting dust. We will gladly take your car and give you a cash offer.

How To Contact Origin

The car disposal process is not as difficult as you might expect it to be. You can start by getting to the Origin cash for cars website to list information on your car. This is based on:

  • The type of car you have; this can include anything old or new or even larger vehicles
  • The area of Newcastle you are in
  • Your contact information
  • Details about anything relating to the car including the damage to the car if applicable

We at Origin cash for cars will always ensure that we look into whatever cars could be taken in the Newcastle area. Just send us your information as needed and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution that you can trust and benefit from.

How the Review Works

The review process that we at Origin use is important. A professional representative will review a car by taking a look at the parts that are still functional. There may be plenty of parts that could be sold off at scrap yards within a car.

In addition, a review of the metals and other items that could be recycled is used by each Origin representative. This review helps to find hard metals and components that could easily be recycled for used in other applications. We do this to give our customers more money or at least a better potential to earn something off of a car.

Getting a Value

Our car disposal service will always provide customers with on-site values for their cars. This value is based on the components that could be sold off, whether it entails parts or metals.

We provide each client with an offer based on the amount of materials that can be sold off and what one can get for those items. We are fair in terms of drafting a sensible offer. In other words, a customer could actually get money for a wreck.

What About Towing the Car?

We at Origin will tow the vehicles that we take in on our own. We will bring out our own tow truck out to help customers with getting rid of their cars. This is a full-service feature that is certainly convenient to all.

Finally, a Smart Option For Getting Rid of a Car

The amazing thing about the car disposal service that we offer is that it works for all sorts of cars. Whether it is damaged or new, we take care of all kinds of vehicles.

We at Origin will buy all kinds of vehicles including ones that have been substantially damaged, cars that do not have their license or registration information available, cars that have not worked for years and just cars that are old. Anything that cannot be sold to other people in a traditional way can be bought by us.

A Fair Offer

We also offer plenty of money to people who sell their cars to us. A client can get up to $6,000 on the sale of a car through us. This is a great total that will clearly vary based on the particular type of car being sold and how many materials can be recycled.

Overall Analysis

Our services here at Origin Cars for Cash will do well with regards to taking in any car and selling it off. We will get in touch with you about selling your car and then offer a fair value for your car based on what we find. We will do this for all cars in Newcastle. You can contact us for help with getting your car sold off today. We always ensure that every car that we take in is used properly and that we will give our clients the right amount of money based on what can be done with a particular car.

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    our happy customers have this to say about us

    Cash the same day I called for an offer. A courteous and free car removal. All paperwork is provided. You guys are champs!

    Lawrence J

    I didn’t expect to get a fair cash offer on my near mint condition vehicle. You gave me that cash offer without hesitation. Thank you so much for taking the hassles and concerns out of selling my car.

    Mike T

    The days of selling my car to a third party are long gone. Thanks, Origin Cash for Cars for the quick and easy car removal and putting a fair amount of cash in my hand for my otherwise useless scrap car. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Sarah J

    Great service, and an offer that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Newcastle.

    Tim G