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Best Place for Uni students to sell their Car

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, studying at university while also balancing work and relationships can be very challenging and stressful. If you have a used car you want to sell, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is how or where you can sell it for the best price. Going […]

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Who Can Scrap My Car?

Origin Cash for Cars We will come to you, wherever you are in Newcastle. Just like anything in life, cars don’t last forever. When they do reach their expiry date, we often find ourselves wondering what to do with them. This is when Origin Cash for Cars can help! At Origin Cash for Cars, we […]

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How to Sell My Car for Parts in Newcastle?

Are you in Newcastle and you are looking for a way to get rid of your old, banged-up vehicle and you don’t know how? Well, you have come to the right place at Origin cash for cars. We not only take your old cars from you, thereby giving you something less to worry about, we […]

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Where to Scrap Car For Money

There are plenty of choices for scrap yards , as you will undoubtedly notice if you have to look for one when you want to scrap a car for money. Normally, if the car has to go to the scrap yard, you are normally no longer allowed to take it on the road. When this […]

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Guide to Selling Your Car in Newcastle

Newcastle is a beautiful coastal city that has endless nice roads, scenic routes and views that can be looked at without getting bored. People who live in Newcastle are incredibly lucky because they are blessed with the luxury of going to amazing drives in their cars. Nothing beats a good, relaxing drive in your lovely […]

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5 Reasons Why Origin Cash For Cars is the Best Way to Sell Your Unregistered Car

Do you need to sell your unregistered car, but you’re not ready for the effort that comes with this process? Selling or disposing of your car can be stressful. You might have to collect paperwork, create ads or increase your car’s curb appeal. And you might not even be ready to spend any additional time […]

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Which Engine is Better to Choose For a Car

As a rule, before buying a new or used vehicle, the future owner wonders with which engine it is better to choose a car. In this case, the potential owner must necessarily consider the individual characteristics of one or another. At the same time, power plants differ in displacement, power, number of cylinders, layout, etc. […]

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What Do Our Customers Say about Selling Old Cars

Cars are a big part of us and our lives. We define each other and ourselves according to the car we’re currently driving. It’s a very easy way for us to understand how well we’re doing in life. When I was at Uni, I was driving a Toyota. But now after getting a job and […]

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    What Our Customer Says

    Cash the same day I called for an offer. A courteous and free car removal. All paperwork is provided. You guys are champs!

    Lawrence J

    I didn’t expect to get a fair cash offer on my near mint condition vehicle. You gave me that cash offer without hesitation. Thank you so much for taking the hassles and concerns out of selling my car.

    Mike T

    The days of selling my car to a third party are long gone. Thanks, Origin Cash for Cars for the quick and easy car removal and putting a fair amount of cash in my hand for my otherwise useless scrap car. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Sarah J

    Great service, and an offer that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Newcastle.

    Tim G