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Signs That Your Old Car Should be Scrapped

Many of us have come across this at some point in our lives – saying goodbye to something we love. The dilemma is perhaps multiplied when it is a car that has served you well. However hard this decision may seem at the outset, it is often dangerous to delay scrapping your car. Paying heed to the warning signs will help prevent massive trouble later.

Here are the instances when it’s wiser to scrap your car

1. Repair Costs are Adding Up 

We are all of course familiar with relative service costs associated with the general upkeep of the company. What we are talking about is different, due to some unfortunate situation or the relative age of the car, you might find yourself at the mechanic every other week. When these costs are starting to put quite the dent in your budget, it is better to rid yourself of the car. This is especially true when the problems are with the engine or the transmission. In this case, maintenance can get expensive. 

2. It is Simply Taking Up Space

When your car has been inoperative for quite some time it can be sitting in your garage simply gathering dust. This is also true when you have upgraded without bothering to get rid of your old car. Nowadays, we don’t have to tell you that space is at a premium. Scrapping your car is a good way to solve this problem and get some cash while you are at it. 

3. The Car is a Write-Off

If your car has been in an accident, flood, or fire it is very likely that your insurer will write it off. In this case, you are caught in quite a dilemma since you are not allowed to have this car on the road or sell it to a private buyer. Instead of paying a towing company to take your car to a landfill, connect with a reliable car wrecker. Car buyers like Origin Cash For Cars will not only offer you a fair deal but also dispose of the car in a responsible manner. 

4. Your Car is Not Selling

With an older car what often transpires when you list your car privately is that you might receive a lot of offers that are simply too low. Many reasons including the poor condition of the car, missing parts, cosmetic damage, etc., can contribute to the low interest. Car removal companies in comparison value your car based on the weight of the scrap metal it can offer and salvageable parts, which in turn fetch you a better price. 

5. No Longer Fuel Efficient

We all know that the automotive industry is changing rapidly. In today’s environment, the ever-rising fuel costs and concerns about carbon emissions mean an inefficient car is more of a burden than a convenience. You must consider offloading this car as soon as possible and an auto wrecker like Origin Cash For Cars can help with eco-friendly disposal techniques. 


Some Things to Know Before You Scrap Your Car

If you are faced with any of the reasons listed above, it is better to scrap your car sooner than later. As the auto experts of the Newcastle region, we know there are several other things you need to consider before you make the decision to sell your old car. Take note of these important factors before you scrap your car.

  • Don’t Wait 

Now we can’t stress this enough, waiting will only further damage your car, rack up the maintenance dues and lower the price it will command in the long run. 

  • Get Expert Evaluation

Before you take the trouble to create a private listing, get an accurate estimate from an auto expert like Origin Cash for cars to know if it’s worth the trouble at all. 

  • Speed and Convenience 

Sometimes you might be in a bit of a rush and just want to get rid of the car fast. In this case, avenues like car scrappers might be the more convenient option. 

  • Weigh the Benefits

Before you hastily send your car off to a landfill or bargain with a dealership, understand what benefits each channel can offer. Car scrappers for example offer free car removal

  • Reliability is Everything 

 Scrapping a car is not something to take lightly and comes with heavy responsibility. Ensure that you take the time to choose someone dependable to get the job done. 


The Best Bet When it Comes to Scrapping Your Car 

If you are located in the Newcastle region and looking to scrap your car, Origin Cash For Cars is the choice auto wrecker. As the undisputed leader of auto services in the region, we have a fully equipped scrapyard to meet any particular needs you may have. Further still, we make our services available to all by serving locations across Newcastle and surrounding areas. However what we excel in is in ensuring excellent cash for car deals, personalised customer service, and a wide range of benefits.

Our Benefits Include:

We accept any make, any model in pretty much any condition

💲Get a fair cash for car deal of up to $8,999 on any kind of vehicle 

🗺️Avail our services across Newcastle and any surrounding area 

♻️Only eco-friendly dismantling and disposal methods used 

🆓Car removals are offered FREE of cost and on the very same day


Call us on 0426 707 283 to scrap your car now 


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